Spot Not dries and polishes stemware and wine decanters effortlessly.


Spot Not the glassware & decanter dryer are kitchenware gadgets that dry and polish the outsides and more importantly the insides of various shaped glassware & decanters.

Spot Not is patented and a must have for all wine enthusiasts.

The Spot Not Decanter Dryer & Polisher

Everyone knows it is impossible to properly dry and polish the inside of a decanter - until now!
The Spot Not decanter dryer and polisher has 2 main parts: a drying cloth that goes into the decanter and a drying mitt for the outside.  Magnetic bands inserted in both parts draw the two together and as you move the outer mitt, the inside cloth moves along with it, drying and polishing the inside of the decanter. The magnet bands are removable so the two highly absorbent micro-fiber pads can be washed and reused.

Spot Not Glassware Dryer & Polisher

The glassware drier & polisher has a multi-petal core that adjusts to the shape of a glass. It has a removable and washable sleeve that not only will dry but will also polish the glasses to a sparkle.

Spot Not the glassware dryer won Bronze in an international design competition in the kitchenware / bakeware category.